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Главная » 2019 » Март » 28 » Запрошуємо на зустріч розмовного клубу
Запрошуємо на зустріч розмовного клубу

English Speaking Club-Osvita, Meeting #452 " April Fools’ Day"

Time: April 4, 18:30 - 20:00

Place: Voskeresenska St. 23, Department of Documents in Foreign Languages, Dnipro Central Municipal Library

  1. What are some tricks people play on April Fools’ Day?
  2. What is the background of this day? Do you have the same tradition in your country?
  3. Do you play tricks on April 1st?
  4. What sort of tricks do you play?
  5. Have you ever tried fooling your family on April Fools' Day?
  6. Do you always look forward to April Fools' Day?
  7. Have you ever been tricked on April 1st?
  8. Are you mad if someone plays tricks on you?
  9. Do you know anyone who got married on April Fools' Day?
  10. Did someone play a trick on you? What was it?
  11. Have you ever been fooled on April Fools' Day? If yes, how did you feel then?
  12. How would you feel if you were being fooled by your dearest friends?
  13. What types of pranks are appropriate for April Fools' Day?
  14. Tell about the funniest prank you've ever experienced.
  15. Brainstorm a list of harmless pranks and share them with others.
  16. While many pranks are harmless, some are harmful. Give an example of a harmful prank.
  17. Are harmful pranks ever appropriate? Why or why not?
  18. Have you ever been the victim of a harmful prank? If so, tell about the experience. How did it make you feel? How did you react?
  19. How does a prank or trick differ from a hoax?
  20. Have you ever fallen for a hoax? If so, tell about the experience.
  21. Have you ever tried to convince someone else that something was true when it really wasn't? Describe the experience.
  22. Have you ever heard of these April Fools' Day classics?
  1. In 1965, the BBC TV announced the creation of "smellovision." Aromas from the TV studio would be broadcast to TV sets across the nation.
  2. In 1980, the BBC said that Big Ben would go digital. People angrily complained about changing the world-renown English landmark. The BBC service in Japanese even announced that the hands would be sold to the first four people to call the station.
  3. Again, the BBC announced that an astronomical event would precisely align Pluto and Jupiter. The result would lesson the Earth's gravity. If anyone jumped in the air at exactly 9:47 a.m. on April 1st, they would feel a strange, floating feeling. The BBC received hundreds of phone calls. One woman even said that she and her eleven friends had floated around the room!
  4. And last, in 1998, Burger King in America advertised a "left handed Whopper" hamburger. It had been designed for left-handed customers, and all the ingredients were rotated 180 degrees. Thousands of people rushed to the restaurant to try the new sandwich, and many more ordered the original "right-handed" version.
  1. Is fan death a hoax? Why? (Fan death is a well-known superstition in Korean culture, where it is thought that running an electric fan in a closed room with unopened or no windows will prove fatal. Despite no concrete evidence to support the concept, belief in fan death persists to this day in Korea).
  2. A gullible person believes things very easily. Do you consider yourself to be gullible? Why or why not?
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