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Главная » 2019 » Май » 11 » Запрошуємо на зустріч розмовного клубу
Запрошуємо на зустріч розмовного клубу

English Speaking Club-Osvita, Meeting #457 "Dark Web"
Time: May 16, 18:30 - 20:00
Place: Voskeresenska St. 23, Department of Documents in Foreign Languages, Dnipro Central Municipal Library

1. Do you often use the Internet?
2. When did you first use the Internet?
3. About how many hours a day do you use the Internet?
4. About how many hours a week do you use the Internet?
5. Who uses the Internet the most in your family?
6. What computer do you use to access the Internet?
7. What are some security issues you must think about when you access the Internet?
8. How do we stop young children from looking at Internet sites that have inappropriate content?
9. Do you think that some people spend too much time on the Internet and does this stop them from seeing their friends? Why?
10. Do you think that having Internet access is mainly for rich people? Will poor people be disadvantaged?
11. In some countries you can sell personal items on the Internet (E-Bay). Do you think this is a good idea?
12. Many Universities are now offering online courses. Give some reasons why this is a good thing.
13. If you want reliable and good information from the Internet, then you should look for sites operated by which types of organizations?
14. Do you think that the Internet usage is an anti-social activity?
15. E-commerce (buying and selling things on the Internet) has become very popular. Give a reason for this?
16. Is it better to buy online or to go to a shop? Why?
17. Why is it very important not to give out personal information on the Internet?
18. Many sites require you to have IDs and passwords. Why do we need to keep these safe?
19. Some web sites hold very dangerous information, for example how to make a bomb. How can we control these Web sites?
20. If you give personal information to a Website do you think that they will always keep this private? Sometimes they sell this information. Is this a good or bad thing?
21. Search engine are used to find information. Do you think that they always give you the best sites or do they give you sites that pay money in order to be on the top of the list?
22. What is copyright? How do we break copyright law on the Internet?
23. Many students use the Internet to help them do their assignments and they just «cut and paste» information from the Internet. How do we stop this?
24. We can use the Internet to find jobs overseas. Is this good or bad for both the employer and employee?
25. If you employ someone via the Internet, how do you check if the person is giving you truthful information?
26. To be current, that is to be up-to-date, is an important feature of the Internet. Why is this important and what impact is this having on society?
27. In Japan, many young men lock themselves in their bedrooms, sometimes for years, to escape the pressures of study. They refuse to see people, but they still use the Internet and mobile phones. Do you think that this will happen in other countries?
28. Is the Internet making people more impatient? Are we becoming a society were we all want instant satisfaction?
29. Many people use the Internet for fun and entertainment at work. Do you think that this is right?
30. How has the Internet changed society?
31. What is meant by the term 'the internet of things'?
32. What is the Dark Web and how does it differ from the normal internet?
33. What is meant by the term 'Internet 2.0' ?
34. Do you know what is meant by the term DNS?

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