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Главная » 2019 » Июнь » 21 » Запрошуємо на зустріч розмовного клубу
Запрошуємо на зустріч розмовного клубу

English Speaking Club-Osvita, Meeting #463 “Gender Roles”
Time: June 27, 18:30 - 20:00
Place: Voskeresenska St. 23, Department of Documents in Foreign Languages, Dnipro Central Municipal Library
Conversation Questions


1. What do women tend to be better at than men?
2. What do men tend to be better at than women?
3. What behaviours are seen as appropriate for men but inappropriate for women?
4. Are men and women equal in ability and intelligence?
5. Why is it sometimes seen as a sign of weakness for men to cry?
6. What things can men or women do that the other cannot do and why?
7. Are men and women really equal?
8. What are some more commonly held stereotypes with regards to women?
9. What are some more commonly held stereotypes with regards to men?
10. Do you think men and women can be equal in their physical ability?
11. Are there differences in the ways men and women communicate?
12. How do the friendships between men differ from the friendships between women?


1. What professions are more popular with men?
2. What professions are more popular with women?
3. What are the typical jobs for men and women of your parents' generation?
4. Is it possible for women to join the army in your country?
5. Are there more male or female managers and executives? Can women make effective managers and bosses?
6. Are there different barriers for men and women at work?
7. Are men and women treated equally - and paid equally - at work?


1. In your country are the responsibilities of a mother the same as the responsibilities of a father to their families?
2. Are fathers capable of carrying out the duties of a mother?
3. Are there different expectations for sons and daughters?
4. Should boys and girls be brought up differently?
5. Can men make effective caretakers of children?
6. What are the typical responsibilities of a father?
7. What are the typical responsibilities of a mother?
8. What do you think about men who stay home to look after the children while the woman goes to work?
9. Who do you think is easier to raise, boys or girls?
10. Is it ok for boys to play with girls’ toys and vice versa?
11. Do parents expect different things from sons than from daughters?


1. Who do you think has life easier, girls or guys? Why?
2. What do women dislike most about men and vice versa?
3. Do you think it is fair for there to be different laws for men and women?
4. Can people in your country change their gender under the law?
5. Are gender roles changing in your country?
6. How have the roles of men and women in society changed over the last fifty years?

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