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Главная » 2019 » Июль » 19 » Запрошуємо на зустріч розмовного клубу
Запрошуємо на зустріч розмовного клубу

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English Speaking Club-Osvita, Meeting #467 “Censorship”
Time: July 25, 18:30 - 20:00
Place: Voskeresenska St. 23, Department of Documents in Foreign Languages, Dnipro Central Municipal Library


Obscene – behaviour, language, or images that are indecent or immoral
Slander – making false and damaging statements about a person or company
Free speech – the right to speak without censorship or restraint
Morally objectionable – behaviour that is unpleasant, offensive or unethical
Graphic violence – the depiction of vivid, brutal and realistic acts of violence
Fear mongering – the act of deliberately provoking public fear or alarm about an issue
Safeguard – a measure taken to protect someone or something from harm or damage
Disparaging comments – negative comments made about a person, company or social group
Mob mentality – behaviour that occurs when people are in a group
Religious intolerance – intolerance against another’s religious beliefs or practices

Conversation Questions

1. Do you think censorship is a good thing or a bad thing? Why?
2. What kind of information is censored in your country?
3. Do you think the Internet should be censored?
4. What things should never be censored?
5. Are history books in your country censored?
6. Should racism and hate propaganda on the internet be censored?
7. Do you agree there should be censorship in societies?
8. Do you think censorship violates freedom of speech?
9. Do you thing censorship harms or protects societies?
10. What would the world be like if there was no censorship at all?
11. What is worst - moral, political, military or religious censorship?
12. Should there be more or less censorship?
13. What is your opinion of sexual and/or violent content in TV, films and video games?
14. Which is it more important to control - sexual or violent scenes? Why should they be controlled?
15. Should some sites on the Internet be blocked or banned?
16. Should there be a government agency that controls the news?
17. Do parents possess the right to censor the information and media seen by their children?
18. Should freedom of speech be absolute or should it be limited?
19. Should people with extreme political views be allowed a voice?

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